Neurofeedback · Psychotherapy

In my practice in Leipzig, I offer neurofeedback which is an innovative, scientifically grounded and very efficient therapy and training method that can be  applied in a number of conditions.

Using this method, you will learn to modify and control your brain activity effectively, thereby enhancing health and reducing everyday life stress.
As a result these changes will be permanent.

Please contact me for an appointment (phone or e-mail). Learn more from me how neurofeedback can make your life easier.

Neurofeedback can help you stay balanced facing everyday life challenges, perform at optimal level and deliver best performance at the right time, for example in:

  • Sports: peak performance training, switching between high performance and rest, reduction of nervousness and states of increased stress during sports competitions
  • Arts: enhancement of creativity and artistic expression, treatment of stage fright / performance anxiety
  • Job and studies: Improving  concentration and memory, focus and cognitive flexibility, achieving and maintaining a mental state of open focus, reducing test anxiety